Urs Schwartz is a Corporate Attorney and currently General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Victorinox.  Previously, he headed the M&A team at the Zurich Insurance Group, where he was responsible for all the M&A transactions worldwide and major financial transactions at the Swiss and London Stock Exchanges

Dr. Ronald Steele received his PhD. from the University of Kentucky.  Following an Assistant Professorship at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, he joined the Endocrinology Department a Ciba-Geigy where he was a Distinguished Research Fellow and Executive Director.  Ron's work has led to the drugs Afema and Femara for breast cancer and Lotensin for hypertension.  He was the recipient of the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award in 2000 and the Novartis Outstanding Scientist Award.

Ronald Steele, PhD.
     Chief Scientific Officer


                                                                           Christoph Schumacher, PhD.
                                                                                                                     Chairman and CEO




                                                                                                                 Urs Schwartz

                                                                                                                      Vice Chairman and General  Legal Counsel


A Swiss native, Christoph studied in Switzerland and the US before joining Novartis in 1996 as a Research Lab Head in Cardiovascular Science.  He continued his pharmaceutical career by joining Speedel in 2002 as the Scientific Officer.  After rejoining Novartis, he successfully led the global serelaxin and LCZ programs before joining CardioRentis in 2014 as Managing Director.

Mr. Elmar Schnee, a senior pharma executive currently serves as Chairman and Member of the Board of several non-competing public and private biotech companies. Previously, Mr. Schnee was appointed CEO at Merck Pharma KgaA and held senior management positions at UCB SA and Synthélabo-Sanofi SA.

Elmar Schnee
     Board of Directors